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Byg Brewski Brewing Company - Hennur


The inspiration for Byg Brewski Brewing Company is quite literally the stuff of legends. Everyone’s aware of the Vikings’ penchant for ale and they owe their giant-spirited passion for merriment to the most mild-mannered of deities, Byggvir.
Byggvir and his wife Beyla, presided over the brewing of mead and beer. In adopting the name Byg, we pay homage to the immortal brewer who moved an entire nation and to the proud brewing traditions of the world. A massive brewery and one of the biggest open kitchens, ensure indulgence is abundant.
Byg Brewski Brewing Company is a space that cannot simply be captured in words. It is driven by experience. We always look to create a larger-than-life experience for our customers. Spread over 1.5 acres, the space itself stands to take your breath take away with its theme and design. Beyond this, our curation of experiences in terms of world-class artists and performers, and innovative events ensure high levels of engagement from our guests.

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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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