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Da High Local Scene featuring Audio Glitch

DJ Night .

For more details contact +919860359202.

Audio Glitch are Pratik Umrigar and Chaitanya Gaikwad.
The young and energetic duo hail from Pune. They came together a few years back and instantly connected. Their strong bond of friendship was nurtured by their hugely similar tastes in music. In an attempt to explore their love for music, the boys decided to start putting together a home studio and workspace. With a dream to someday create and produce their own tracks, CG and Maachi (as they are popularly known) have spent a good part of the last year familiarising themselves with the latest in music technology.

Armed with the technical know how, 'Audio Glitch' came into existence in the beginning of 2010. They really couldn't have timed it better. Hugely comfortable with their vast knowledge of tech music, their 'sound' is dominated by bass heavy grooves, Crunchy Snares and straight up dark, clipped beats which bind you to the dancefloor and keep you bouncing for hours!

Audio Glitch is already fast growing in popularity, and not just in Pune! Spending most of their time in their studio right now they hope to release some of their own music as soon as possible and until then, are determined to gig as much as
they can! Rest assured, these guys know how to show you a good time!


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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