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OffSet presents Vasundhara Vee (Optimize Your Voice)

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About Vasundhara Vee
Vasundhara Vee is a bankable name in the western music circles in India . A remarkable musician, she is seen in the finest Soul, RnB and Jazz ensembles in the capacity of both Collaborator and Curator. You have seen her perform at every premier venue in India and on diverse stages in France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore and Brunei collaborating with artists from across the globe.

About the workshop:
1) How to construct vocal exercises that work. aka the "why" behind every vocal exercise.
2) Understanding the implications of muscle use on tone and vocal ability
3) Components of a vocal regime.
4) Choir as a master tool for vocal development.

All registered participants will receive choral arrangements to learn beforehand. At the workshop Vasundhara will focus on vocal delivery of those choral parts. After which she will coach the participants to be able to EQ their voices while singing as a group to get the desired sound.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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