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Dance OK Please 065 with Zokhuma, Audio Pervert & Flex Machina

DJ Night .

Free entry.
For more details contact +917506394243.

About Zokhuma

At the bleeding edge of his own future, Zokhuma (Arman Menzies) represents the end of old things, the beginning of new ones, and a forged alliance with those making alternative electronic music in previously uncharted territories. Unafraid to criss-cross between soundscapes you’ve never heard—think frantic, chopped-up African beats or moodier, experimental electronica—and soundscapes that are all too familiar, his sensibilities have a way of putting any audience at ease. As does his infectious energy behind the console.

The 26-year-old maverick has a mask for every occasion too. Well known in cult progressive metal circles in India for his earlier work songwriting and playing guitar for Goddess Gagged before moving on to study music production in the UK, he’s already performed in places like Croatia, Netherlands and Sri Lanka under his new moniker while cherry-picking his way through local gigs as well.

About Audio Pervert

Audio Pervert (Samrat B) is a producer, curator, DJ and writer based in Valencia, Spain. He is connected with global indie music, fulfilling various roles for almost 20 years. Born in New Delhi India, Samrat spent his 20's and 30's creating music with various bands, collectives, singers, DJs, for TV and Bollywood. Literally "in love" with synthesizers, drum machines, electronic instruments and software for close to two decades. His sound design, beats and production feature in more than two dozen bollywood blockbusters. Over time, the 'Audio Pervert' moniker and blog has earned a repertoire of an 'independent artist, activist and curator'. Electronic Dance Music remains his core passion. An autodidact of sound synthesis. A "live-techno" DJ for a good part of this decade, performing at festivals, nightclubs, secret parties and raves in India, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, France, China, La Reunion etc. Since 2010, various projects, tours, compilations have marked the beginning of an era connecting Indian electronic music with the rest of the world. Actively involved in music education and empowerment of women, in context to electronic music in India. Currently building projects with various agencies based in E.U and India in the fields of electronic music, production and synthesis. "The objective of exploiting digital technology and electronic music, for me, is to empower artists in India and across the world " The Audio Pervert Blog reached 1.75 million views in February 2019.

About Flex Machina

flex machina is a Bombay based analog modular synthesis electronica duo consisting of artists Gautham Hebbar and Tamzid Rahman.

Gautham and Tamzid first met while pursuing a media course together. After collaborating several times and gaining success in their individual projects, Fuego and Purva Ashadha, with genres ranging from cinematic ambient music to experimental intelligent dance music. flex machina was birthed when the two artists decided to shift the attention toward taking the collaborations to a new level with a live performance oriented venture, flex machina. Their sound pallet consists of massive driving basslines, enrapturing leads and melodies filled with uplifting energies and synthetic textures and soundscapes that layer upon subliminal techno rhythms.

Born out of their collective fantasy for analog sounds and their character, it is devoted to the wonderful technology that allows them to create this vast unrealistic world of sound. Some of their influences include Nils Frahm, Jon Hopkins, Aphex Twin, Hannes Bieger, and Boards of Canada.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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