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3rd Eye Awakening 2nd Year Anniversary featuring SAJANKA & Yudhisthira Live

DJ Night .

Also with Moss, Jatayu, Corrupt Illusions & High Potency.

For more details contact +919004653635.

Sajanka :
Avishai Grinbaum is the man behind this amazing project called "SAJANKA"

his professional musical career began at 2014. When he focused on the style he loved and inspired from, Psytrance music. He started to write his own music in 2014, after he finished his studies on sound & Production school.

his style is very unique, melodic ethnic trance that open the soul and mind.
Massive grooves, amazing vocals and harmonical stories inspired from lots of musical cultures in one psychedelic project that keeps you on the dance floor to dance and feel !

Yudhisthira :
Yudhisthira is a symbiosis of many different musical influences and since its forming in 1997 it represents a definition for uncompromised pure psychedelic trance.
Being planted as a seed in the most fertile times for the goa/psychedelic scene, it has slowly sprung its roots deep within the foundational grounds of the movement, all the while keeping pace with the ever changing levels of production standards and the evolution of sound synthesis.
The now fully grown tree is constantly bearing delicious fruits that have been carefully packed by different labels such as: Forestdelic, Sangoma, Purple Hexagon, Blue Hour Sounds, Vertigo, Glowing Flame etc.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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