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Nrtya presents The Headphone Gambit 3.0 with Spacejams, D-Jai & MFM

DJ Night .

The Headphone Gambit 3.0 at The Daily Bar & Kitchen - There will be a line up of some phenomenal DJs hand-picked by a new curator each edition that has been TAGGED by the previous curator. - The sound will be modelled around the particular edition's genre. - The evening is going to be a juxtaposition of bespoke curation of versatile artists with an element of chance. - To kick things off, all the artists shall show up at the beginning of the evening, randomly pick out chits to decide who goes on first and once that happens, the performing artist shall TAG in the artist who goes on next. - This cycle will continue till everyone has played 2 sets each for a total of eight sets of 45 minutes each. - Importance shall be directed to specifically the music, rather than the one playing it or when. The goal of the evening is to build community by creating an open dialogue and taking control from the promoters and handing it back to the music curators. Club Rules Apply. For more details contact 99204 46633.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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