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Paradox presents Chris Liebing

DJ Night .

Also with B.Traits, Likwid & Stoked.

For more details contact 02266992222.

It might not be what you expect for a DJ synonymous with fast, hard, and heavy techno, but according to Chris Liebing, he’s always been something of a slow starter. “I’ve wanted to do something like Burn Slow all my life,” he says. Aiming to go beyond his hard techno practice, Liebing opted to seek out new harmonic territory, taking aim at the heart rather than the feet. The result is the slow burn of Burn Slow; a minimalist electronic epic and start of a new chapter for one of German techno’s leading authorities.

While the final recording sessions lasted 14 studio days, Burn Slow has been gestating in the back of Liebing’s mind for decades now. Back in the early 1990s, trance label Eye Q Records was initially one of the key inspirations for Liebing to get into DJing - although he would soon jettison the emotional melodies of trance for the uncompromising hard techno that would become his signature. “I kind of buried that emotional side of me over years DJing,” Liebing explains.

Liebing ran into gifted musician, and once key part of the long since defunct Eye Q family, Ralf Hildenbeutel, and told him he wanted to work with him on a new project. Hildenbeutel obliged, and soon after playing with familiar tempos and well-worn methodologies in his Frankfurt studio, Liebing began drifting into new territory with his new musical ‘enabler’ in tow. Driven by Liebing’s fresh energy, a new music began to take shape. While retaining the skeleton of techno beats, Burn Slow is moodier, slower, and more emotionally articulate than anything yet in Liebing’s three-decade career.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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