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Nacho featuring Feel & Tansane

DJ Night .

For more details contact +919920446633.

Emotions play a major role in Karan Thakur's life and musical choices. FEEL can be anything: whatever makes a person happy. Karan's musical choices range from either end of the musical spectrum from listening to downtempo music, eclectic mixes with different time signatures, to out and out Psytrance.

Tansane :
Tansane is an inquiry, into the combination of characteristic spirits of musical cultures from different eras. Tansane strives, to find new and innovative production and performance techniques to blend together melodies, harmonies and time signatures into a soundscape to create signature sound through avant garde endeavors which showcase the various theories, and subtleties of musicians who have, and continue to pave the way for music to be an artistic reflection of human culture, and one of the few ethereal remnants of creativity in the sands of time that has the listener undertaking a journey through the music, and thereby experiencing it's ability to transform and translate the various nuances of reality.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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