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Kitty Su Mumbai presents Monkey Safari

DJ Night .

For more details contact +919004653635.

About Monkey Safari : Riding in with the power to deliver sunshine to world’s rainiest open-air events, Monkey Safari brings rays of light to whatever dance floors they cast their shimmering spell on.
The duo’s efforts in the studio have transcended to their DJ sets with stand out shows at Time Warp USA & Germany. Summer 2016 saw the brothers testing their evolving sound once again to new crowds with a slot at Awakenings Festival as the stand out attraction. On top of a heavy touring schedule at world renowned clubs and headlining slots at festivals, the duo rekindle their love for party promotion since their tender years in their hometown of Halle, Germany, where they own the infamous and recently remodeled “Charles Bronson” club.

The German outfit has been on an incredible run of form with promising developments in all of their endeavors and exciting news still to come. Be it a fresh remix or EP drop, DJ set or party, Monkey Safari will be sure to touch all scopes of dance culture with no signs of deceleration on the horizon.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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