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Universal Chaos presents Demoniac Insomniac (Active Meditation Music)

DJ Night .

For more details contact 04066259907.

Boris Kirov from Macedonia, is the man behind the projects: Demoniac Insomniac, Cosmos Disorder, Arthitect & Cosmic Joke, he is the owner of Active Meditation Music.

Born in a family of artists, he developed a personal taste for art since a very young age. After experimenting with diffrent kind of forms of art he found out that you can heal people with sound and uplift their conscience and energy, so he created his project Demoniac Insomniac in 2004!

In 2008 he started releasing for various labels and opened his own record label called Active Meditation Music! His musical performances around the world can be described as a challenge for the audience to dance and go deep in to the spiritual realm, facing their fears and demons of everyday life in the new era we are living!

A ritual of exorcism thru music and dance, conquering the darkness to be able to open the gate towards the light!


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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