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Prism presents Super Flu (Monabeery) & Fake Mood (Get Physical / Connected)

DJ Night .

If you had been digging some niche sounds, you certainly would have come across the track "Really Really" - an intense fusion of glistening chords, catchy ethno vocal samples and an organically sparkling groove. The makers of the track Feliks Thielemann & Mathias Schwarz together known as Super Flu had been dishing out some signature releases over the years on various labels. The reknownwed Monaberry artists are maming their way for their debut India tour with your favourite destination Prism Club and Kitchen hosting an extended Sunday grooves.

Besides Super Flu, we also have one of the reverred duos Viktor Petrov & Dmitry Kokhan from Russia better known as Fake Mood. With their releases getting countless playtime by various stalwarts like Solomun (Official), Kollektiv Surmstrasse & Trikk, Fake Mood has been topping the charts through multiple releases on Get Physical, Exploited and varios other top labels.

For more details contact +918179999988.

Lin eup :
Super Flu
Fake Mood
Kartik Shekar
Prashanth Raj
Yuvraj Arora


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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