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Decodelic 4 - Open-Air Psychedelic Theme Party with Novlik & Innsae Arts

DJ Night .

Decodelic parties are the talk-of-the-town & the only way to know why, is to experience the mind-isolating magic that we create for you, right in the heart of the city!

With each party, something new is introduced to the scene and in Decodelic 4, we showcase yet another concept which has probably not been done anywhere on Earth before! Novlik & Innsae Arts get together to take you through a psychedelic story with a unique Audio-Visual experience.

Innsae Arts has worked months on bringing you a live performance of animated visuals that sit perfectly well with the powerful music & takes you deep into an artistically renditioned story that shall only be recited once!

And ofcourse it still shall boast of a custom-designed set, trippy stretch-fabric decor, delicately calculated lighting & superbly powerful music in a wonderful, windy open-air poolside partyplace, overlooking the lake - we have a scene that's all set to create mind-isolation, right in the centre of the city!

Highlights of the Night: Trippy live visual story absolutely unique to Decodelic 4; customised, photogenic, carefully calculated & artistically created psychedelic décor + a windy open-air scene; Hyderabad’s favourite psytrance artist - Novlik!

For more details contact +917287878978.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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