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Freedom ensemble 2.0 featuring Drumcomplex, OC & Verde & Others

Festival . DJ Night .

Our second year, for these four days, Cafe Lilliput Goa enriched with more and more Magic, opens its magical Gates to all those thirsty to know its Secrets. Welcome to Freedom Ensemble 2.0, this time the Secret is revealed, we're Hosting some World Class Techno for all Musically Inclined Flamboyant fans out in the open.

For more details contact +918322274648.

Line up :
Drumcomplex | OC & Verde | Almost Human | Amol Reon | Akshit Shetty | Aji Mon Nair | David Phimister | Diatonik | Digital 7 | Funksun | Frankie | Pinto | Greenage | Dmitree Guy | Hemant Wadhwani Indrajeet Jadeja | Kartik Chettiar | Kostya Swami | Leon Pereira | Mohinesh | Ritesh Gonsalves | Shaun Moses | Shine Vonsteyr | Varun Fernandes | DJ Zeeqar


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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