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Paradox presents Danito & Athina

DJ Night .

Also with Stoked, Aardee & Sarooh.

For more details contact +919319159998.

Danito & Athina, two industrious artists from Cologne, Germany. The charismatic duo draw attention to themselves with many releases on great labels like Stil Vor Talent / Einmusika / Crossfrontier Audio/ Days like Nights / Jeudi / Culprit / Sudbeat and much more. Their sound is a mix of Melodic-House & Techno, Progressive and Underground. The innovative music will take people on a journey as Danito & Athina always create dynamic and unforgettable sets with their catchy tunes.
When they met seven years ago, they shared the same passion and a very inspiring time from the first beginning. They immediately felt that the universe was connecting their energies and it was special to be on the same wave length. Both work diligently and successfully since then.

Danito has been active in the techno scene as a producer for 20 years, followed his passion to fulfil his career. He is known through many releases on big labels include Cocoon, Suara, Moon Harbour etc. The Greek/German woman Athina is a producer having her roots in soul music. Her creativity is strongly recognizable in her work. You can hear Athina´s vocals on many of the tracks by "Danito & Athina" as she also writes the lyrics herself. For the last 7 years she worked intensively in the studio together with Danito.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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