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Krunk & SkillBox present Madboy & Fopchu

DJ Night .

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MADBOY, the solo Electronic project of Imaad Shah, is based out of Mumbai, India. The Electro-Soul inspired sound and Live show uses elements of high energy dance music and places it in the context of old school Funk and Soul influences- with live guitar and synthesizers. Madboy is one half of popular Electro-Funk duo Madboy/Mink – This project is his playground as a producer, with touches of Acid, Disco, Hip hop instrumentals, genre-defying electronic music, his trademark vocals, guitar and dense synth-laden soundscapes. The act is less than a year old and since his first release last year of the well recieved EP ‘Boy’, Imaad has played to audiences all across the country at almost every live music venue in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, and other cities. He has played at Red Light Radio, Amsterdam, Sorte Firkante, Copenhagen and Ziro Festival of Music.

The second new EP/ first album (scheduled to launch in May 2017) from Madboy ‘Dream Delite’ explores dreamy sexuality and plays with the difference between dreams and reality. It explores the states of being asleep and being awake using synthesizers, surreal lyrics, hip hop beats and soul inspired vocals. The genre could be called ‘neo-soul’ but Madboy plays his own variety of it, as the songwriting and production are super modern- using unusual synth sounds, flowing Arps, crisp Hip-hop inspired beats, and towards the end- a little bit of darkness and space exploration.


Fopchu is a three piece electronic band from Delhi. Friendship and freaky experiences put them together. Previously shy, they preferred their nooks, but their mutual love for bad puns and infectious laughter instilled a verve to go out and explore the ominous world outside!

Their sound is a vivacious, loopy ride through time. The synthesiser and sampler sets the groove with guitars n bass enforcing a rhythmic tyranny. Sprinkled with twinkle toe-esque vocals they create a sound that harks back to old soulful blues and jazz of yore. Tales of comical characters or tight grooves and catchy melodies, Fopchu traverses Dip Hop, Squiddle Rock and Gufunktry chants with ease, and dare we say, charisma.

Live, they’re awkward and relatable. Their set is a frivolous mix of moods, ranging from broody ballads to knee bending ditties, all riddled with a contagious bop. Their songs are edible for all ages, but still an acquired taste for some. So whether you're a ’standalone and nod ’or’ lose a shoe dancing kinda person’, Fopchu will deliver!


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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