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Paradox presents Undercover(Israel)

DJ Night .

For more details contact +917291919196.

UnderCover, Adam belo & Almog Shmueli. Both was born and raised at the underground psychedelic scene in israel. After long years of producing music and playing each on his own, they met and decided to join forces and make something different, unique, and managed to do so with 145 BPM's of kicking ass futuristic retro music that caught many ears around the world that made UnderCover the fasted growing project at the time as the project is almost 4 years old.

Their first track - "Chapati", with 30 Million youtube Plays, was the pioneer of the "ethnic era" at the world psytrance scene and after 4 years is still playing at most of the psytrance parties around the world with more mega tracks by UnderCover.
Nowadays, they are touring the world armed with highly aggressive psychedelic dance floor music and working hard to bring you all the perfect dance floor experience that makes you scream out of happiness in each and every party.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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