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Boxout Wednesdays & Absolut #084 with Boxout Soundsystem

DJ Night .

It's set to be a very spooky affair this Halloween as the five-man strong Boxout Soundsystem returns to home base at Boxout Wednesdays with a freshly loaded arsenal of weapons to scare the life out of the Summer House Cafe dance floor. Bringing together the diverse selections and styles of each individual member, Boxout Soundsystem nights always bring a good dose of the unexpected, the death-defying and the downright sorcerous.
Note: Costumes and cosplay are not just welcome, but encouraged.

All-female collective Coven Code continues its rooftop residency at #boxoutwednesdays for the month of October. Coven Code comprises women from diverse backgrounds who have come together in the hope of making New Delhi’s nightlife and music industry more inclusive by creating more opportunities for women. They are inclusive and welcoming to those that identify as femme and non-binary. Coven Code’s mission includes zero-tolerance to sexual harassment, unwanted touching, stalking and all forms of discrimination based on gender, disability, sexuality, race, religion or age.

This week we see the debut of Chands and the return of Febbymomma and Oindrila.

The only weekly residency in the country for underground sounds and culture, Boxout Wednesdays is more than just a night, it is an on-going movement that helps build and serve a community that remains neglected by the mainstream. Brought to you in partnership with Absolut.

For more details contact +919810200780.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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