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Mainstage Friday’s ‘Of Many’ Ep Launch by Anisha Lakshmanan

Live Music .

Mainstage Fridays present independent artist Anisha Lakshmanan:
An artist known to pride in her cultural heritage, Anisha has always strived for her music and her on stage persona to represent and reflect her various influences. Her love for different genres reflects in her repertoire with genres like Jazz, Pop, Rock, Indian Classical, Sufi and everything retro. With a Saree, bindi and her voice, Anisha is her complete self on stage.

Her EP called 'Of Many' is an album with influences derived from multiple genres and languages. It is named so because the albums speaks 'Of many' kinds of languages, 'of many' emotions, 'of many' phases of my life and more and follows a narrative very close to that of my life. No two songs are alike yet, they have the commonality of emotion and space of creation. It is a trilingual EP consisting of songs in 3 languages, English, Hindi and Tamil.

Supported by The Worst Case Scenario.

Cover charge Rs.750 Fully redeemable.
For reservations contact +919710976876.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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