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Submerge Showcase featuring Modeplex, Nikhil Chinapa & Tuhin Mehta

DJ Night .

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About Modeplex:
Modeplex is a DJ and techno producer from south Germany. Raised in a musical family, Dave, which is his real name, have always been surrounded by instruments, music and records. Therefore in his early twenties, he started doing events and getting in touch with promoters and bookers. Modeplex has developed a very personal way to compose, where different musical genres and scenes are the perfect ingredients to give birth to a wholesome kind of techno and deep house. He takes inspiration from life situations, events happened in his past or anticipated for his future and condenses all those emotions to experiment with different sounds and recordings. That's the reason why he's able to create songs that convey genuine feelings. Each track created by Modeplex has to have a deep sense of character and soul. That's why he applies a vast number of ideas, emotions and algorithms to his creative process. He also recognize the importance of cooperation, given that there is a lot to learn and making music with other artists is more fun anyway.

About Nikhil Chinapa:
To say that Nikhil Chinapa has donned many an avatar during his career, is like saying it snows in Alaska; a bit of an understatement. He morphs from DJ to VJ to MC to Music Promoter to Festival Director —some of his best known avatars — with amazing fluidity.
He studied Architecture and graduated with a Thesis in Hospital Design. A year later and for reasons that scientists are still trying to understand, Nikhil joined MTV. He said, "I think it'll be fun." For once, he was right.

At MTV, Nikhil has hosted almost every show the channel has aired. From MTV Select - MTV's longest running show, (it aired continuously for 10 years) to being the host of Splitsvilla, a judge on Roadies as well as Rock On and now host of MTV Mashups.

About Tuhin Mehta:
Tuhin Mehta belongs to the old school breed of DJs. With two decades of experience pioneering club-world in India, he’s a force to be reckoned with. He is someone who has immersed himself in the art of DJing from an extremely young age, where it was not just a forged career path, rather, a way of life.

A professionally qualified sound engineer from SAE in Chennai, along with being an international ambassador to the Berklee College of Music, Tuhin not only has immense experience from the various clubs that he has played in over the years, he also has a sharp understanding of the technical aspects behind sound production. His understanding of equipment is grade A and it speaks volumes that he was named a Pioneer Pro DJ for India in 2007. This combination of both prowess and technical ability only adds to his allure as a DJ who has a sharp understanding of the science of rocking a dance-floor.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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