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The Humming Tree presents Hoirong and Aptebhau

Live Music .

Entry: Rs.500 (250 Entry & 250 Cover fully redeemable on F&B).
For more details contact +919886618386.

Hoirong is an awesome four-piece rock band from India. Their music is very confusing, with traces of punk, post-rock, pop, noise, art-rock and disco(!) jostling for space and making fleeting appearances.
Having excited audiences into a froth all over the world, they have now returned to focus all their energy on tapping into the Indian market

Aptebhau is a Graphic Designer and Musician who does the former to feed his Bank Balance and the later to feed his boredom. He loves the craft of song writing and doesn't really identify as an instrument player as such. Heavily inspired by Rock, Electronic and Pop music of all ages and eras, he tries to blend these influences and ideas to create a sound which he doesn't know what to call. He also enjoys playing around with various approaches towards songwriting and production and uses this process as a tool for introspection.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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