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Lucent featuring Earthlife & David Carollo

DJ Night .

Also with Sree Hari & Krosfade.

For more details contact 08025594666.

Earthlife :
EARTHLIFE is an artistic project born thanks to the collaboration between Luca Aniston and Luigi Gargano. The project is based on a unique sound concept that combines many different genres with the objective of create a refined sound full of atmosphere. EarthLife's live represents the perfect fusion of captivating melodies and atmospheric sounds, an exclusive and unique performance of its kind.

David Carollo :
In the early beginnings of David’s musical journey, he stayed awake to tape-record live radio broadcasts by major Italian clubs, then created his original compilations, all with an old stereo. As soon as he laid hands on his first pair of Pioneer CDJ-100s in 2004, he began to spread his holistic, broad-minded collection of dance music with deep, funky, tech to soulful house influences. It brought him to Magazzini Generali, Masada and Milano Fashion Week in Italy, playing alongside artists like Davide Squillace, Francesco Farfa, Adriano Canzian and Idriss D, and to other parts of the world like Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Singapore and Thailand. David’s love of radio also led him to co-host his own program, Sinestesia, on with music partner Michel Meroni from 2015. Together, they have played in Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and Singapore as A1kS (A Thousand Shades), a collaboration that seeks to explore and express “a thousand shades” of electronic music. Armed with bonus knowledge of analog machines and music production software and sequencers, the duo is currently working on the release of their first EP.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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