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Four by Floor featuring Jitter

DJ Night .

Also with Leon and Sree Hari.

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Talent speaks for itself. It doesn’t scream or shout, it settles in quietly and rages a storm for the world to see. And nobody embodies that degree of talent better than Jayant. A DJ, Producer and Music Composer who has been in the industry for over 15 years, Jayant is a multi-faceted artist. Undeniably identified as India’s most versatile DJ, Jayant’s obsession with creating music started at an early age. His curiosity and eagerness has not waned ever since the first time he manipulated sounds to his whim. Jayant began producing music in 2003 and has done numerous projects since then, his pet project Jitter is a LIVE/DJ techno identity. Even though these genres lay a fundamental base for his work, one can’t characterize what you really experience and feel at his live shows. As Jitter, his sound is very edgy, experimental and almost psychedelic – bridging the gap between the outdoor vibe and a club.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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