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Lucent featuring ENØS (Afterlife) & Dub Recycle (Qilla)

DJ Night .

Also with Adrian Lewis & AB+

For more details contact 08025594666.

Born in Netherlands and raised in Switzerland, two brothers, Derek and Michael Harnischberg created techno capsule called ENØS. Name itself, creation of their own, combination of Latin and Nordic dialect carries symbolic that is deeply attached to them. As an open book that often seems lackluster, we did not want to leaf through all of its pages. Their opus, that has been influenced by various artists throughout the time, such as Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd and many others, is still evolving and it’s pretty dynamic. Creativity can never be rushed, but they surely don’t lack any.

Dub Recycle :
Carlos Poppi a.k.a Dub Recycle from the country side in the state of São Paulo has been a DJ since the age of 12 and already have lived and studied music production in the Berlin, Germany for three years. He is one of the founders of the Wir Lieben night in south of Brazil, and today lives half in Spain and Brazil. His work dictates a personality between melody and melancholy. In 2008 he started his deep house project Dub Recycle and from then on he has had his natural transition into melodic techno.
With releases on some of the world's leading record labels like Steyoyoke, Us and Them and Qilla Records to name a few, his track "Under your Skin feat Kieran Fowkes" has selected by "Electronic Rising" a huge playlist on Spotify.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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