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BlueFROG presents Koda Coda

Live Music .

For more details contact +917411099549.

Koda Coda represents a dual identity : two spellings for the same pronunciation. It is
the meeting point between three French musicians and three Indian musicians, who use the
common language of music as a way to share their practicies and their customs, in order to
build a common repertory that would be both rich and unique.
In December 2017, three French musicians : Malik Berki (electronics and turntables),
Bastien Charlery (accordian and vocals), and Margaret Hermant (violin) travelled to
Bangalore to meet with three Indian musicians : Geetha Navale (veena), Arjun MPN (flute)
and N.S. Krishna Prasad (ghatam). Together, for the 10 days of their residence, they brought
their musical universes closer, articulated and adapted the western musical approach to that
of the Carnatic school in order to initiate the process of realising a common body of work in


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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