Koramangala Social presents Kaleekarma & Anejath

Koramangala Social presents Kaleekarma & Anejath

DJ Night .

Free entry.
For more details contact 08043723295.

Kaleekarma :
Kaleekarma is foremost a storyteller. She uses music as the medium to weave together a richly detailed tapestry of theatrical tales. She is drawn to organic, ethnic, retro, acid and folk sounds. Her primary aim as an artist is to guide the listener on a journey through shifting soundscapes and states of mind, from peaceful and unhurried to intense and other-worldly, with much that can and does come in between.

Having played in all the major metropolitan cities across India, Kaleekarma enjoys a level of national recognition in the underground music space in the country. She has had the opportunity to play alongside touring international artists such as Stimming, Parra For Cuva, HVOB, Stavroz and A Guy Called Gerald, amongst others.

Anejath :
Growing up in Bangalore, India; Anejath Rao was exposed to an eclectic range of music - from jazz and classic rock to hip hop and Indian classical. It was in the summer of 2014, that he was introduced to underground electronic music and ever since, Anejath has never looked back.

With years of collecting an array of music, he’s fiercely influenced by artists like of Dahu, Satori, Canson, Niukid, Lake People, Max Cooper and Sebastian Mullaert and local legends like Kohra, SHFT, Jitter and Audio Units.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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