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The Humming Tree presents Open Mic Night

Open Mic .

Open Mic Night
This one is all about you: You're on stage, You take over with your music, dance, beat box, spoken word, poetry. We got plenty of drinks and a cheerful audience to encourage you on.

Whether you wanna just have a good laugh, do a dare, test your song writing, perfect your new set or simply jam with other light hearted people; we'll do your lights and sound, rest is all yours :)

See you soon in the spotlight :)

House Rules:
Registration - 6 pm onwards
• The registrations start at 6:00 pm sharp.
• Registration CANNOT be pre-booked via calls/text/mails/ social media/ etc.
• Registration will be taken on first-come-first serve basis.
• You are required to give your name, email ID and contact number at the registration desk.
• Total of 25 slots are available for performances
• If you have any special requests regarding slot timings you are required to mention the same at the time of registration.
• The slots line up schedule is the Venue decision.
• Bands will perform at the end of the evening.
• Registrations are open to all
• To accommodate new talents, preference will be given to people who haven’t performed in the last two open mic nights, to give a fair chance to all

First performance - 7pm onwards
Performance time slots:
• Music – 10 min
• Stand up – 5 min
• Band – 10 min + 3 min (for line check)
• Poetry – 5 min
• Dance Performances – 5 min
• Storytelling – 5 min

What we have at the venue (Tech stuff):
• 1 x Guitar Amplifier
• 3 x Mics
• 1 x 5 piece Drum Kit. (No Cymbal and No Cymbal stands a available)
• 2 x DI boxes
• 2 x Stage monitors
• Aux input will be provided on stage for backing tracks – For hip-hop and dance only.

Important - for music performances
• NO backing tracks will be played from the sound console
• Bring your own instruments / gear. We do not have a DJ mixer.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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