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Krunk presents Hotbox 08 featuring Desert Sound Colony (UK)

DJ Night .

Also with Anushka & Alina.

For more details contact 08043723295.

About Desert Sound Colony

Desert Sound Colony is a DJ, producer and label boss who plays, makes and releases music focussed firmly on the dance floor. Well, that's the simplest way of describing what Liam Wachs does. If you're familiar with his outstanding releases on Holding Hands, his much-loved label, or you've caught him playing at leading clubs and festivals like Panorama Bar, Love International, fabric or Dimensions, you'll know that it runs much deeper than that. An enduring love for house, garage, breakbeat, techno and electro are all vital parts of the fresh, modern DSC sound.

If you're not familiar yet, that's OK, let's get you up to speed. A great place to start is with his standout tracks: check out Aunt Wendy’s Wedding In Wales, Fast Life, or Taking It Out For A Rip. Not bad, eh? Then move onto Holding Hands. With the label, Liam has assembled an artist collective who also aim to write forward-facing music that guarantees a good time. Breaka, Adam Pits, Baby Rollen and Guava have all released killer material on Holding Hands, and there'll be ample opportunity to catch the crew playing together as they increase the frequency of their raucous label showcases. If you live in London, you may also like to come to one of the Holding Hands charity parties that happen quarterly to raise money for the label's own Future Music Foundation. It'll be helping new producers who need a hand up with buying software and hardware to get started in their career.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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