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Drum and Bass India presents Kampai and Dwell

DJ Night .

Free entry.
For more details contact 08043723295.

About Kampai

Kampai is the solo project of Bangalore-based Rumit Virmani who plays electronic music, which has a heavy emphasis on bass. Primarily a Trap music enthusiast, Kampai also blurs the lines between genres such as Jersey club, Twerk, Drum and Bass and Footwork with his quirky sets. Kampai is always up for pushing boundaries in the Indian electronic music scene through experimentation in his sets and finds inspiration in an assortment of different sounds and genres.

In his musical career, Kampai has shared stage with Troyboi (LDN), Herobust (USA), QUIX (NZ), Wuki (US), Ganz (EU), Bok Bok (LDN) and Chimpo (UK) to name a few. Over a very short time span, played at noteworthy venues across country and has also played for properties and festivals like VH1 Supersonic Club nights, Bass Camp Festival, NH7 Weekender pre party, Where We At, The Lost party, BASSICK Sense, Kitsch Mandi etc.

Aside from music, he has also been hard at work advancing the Indian music scene in different ways. While he was working at Social Offline, Bangalore he pioneered and introducing properties such as BASSICK Sense and The Grind etc. He also founded the city collective called Hybrid Cycle along with Ketan Bahirat a.k.a Oceantied and Jayanth Ramachandra a.k.a The Sine Painter in 2015, a collective to push underground music in Bangalore and India. He is now one of the partners at Hidden Shades Festival, an annual live music and arts movement whose vision is to bring the freshest sound from all across the world to India.

About Dwell

Sandeep aka Dj Dwell is a Battle Dj, Freestyle open format Turntablist and also an upcoming music producer. Born in Visakhapatnam, Sandeep was bitten by the music bug in 2009. After collecting loads of music he decided to give it a shot at DJing in 2016. He is known as a hip hop turntablist and has got his own unique style for blending a wider spectrum of music, without being restricted by genre/tempo/era. His sets span over all styles of bass genres such as Breaks, Hip Hop, DnB etc., with a touch of techno.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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