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THT presents Vinyl Night with Vanchan and Etienne & Laila

DJ Night .

Entry 500 rs cover (fully redeemable on food and drink).
For more details contact +919886618386.

Vachan Chinnappa

Playing a collection of tapes at small venues in a small-town doesn't sound like a career plan, but that was how Vachan's musical career first began, then morphed into a full-time profession and became his raison d'etre, so to speak,

A small-town boy from south India, he'd already shocked the family and opted out of the mainstream when he picked being in a hard rock band called Zed Axis over a conventional career. For five years, he sang covers of 1980's heavy metal bands at small gigs and had a great time doing it till, like most other garage bands, the financial crunch did them in. He hung up his (salvaged and home made!) leather bands but not his love for music, which is what kept Vachan looking for other ways through which he could explore sound, which led him DJing. In the years since he started spinning records, he's held court at some of the country's best clubs and happily, provided the aural memories to many, many celebrations.

Etienne Sangita & Laila

Etienne Sangita hosts a Radio show in Austria (FRSKG) and played for several venues in Europe and Asia (Linz, Well, Vienna, Salzburg, Prag, Munich, Bangalore, Cochin, Kuala Lumpur)

His music field is focused on rare grooves and ascetic beats from all over the world. The repertoire includes Boombap Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Dub, Roots and Afrobeat. It all depends on the venue if a mix or a pure genre related set will be played.

In addition he is a passionate record collector and digs where ever he can find records. He's searched for vinyls all over the world.


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Dj Ivan

21 hrs

Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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