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KittyKO presents Jayda G (Ninja Tune / Freakout Cult)

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Born and raised in the small town of Grand Forks, British Columbia - some 6 hours outside Vancouver - Jayda Guy grew up surrounded by an abundance of nature on the mountains and in the forests, rivers and lakes. It was this that sparked an early interest in biology and the natural world, a passion that has endured and intensified to this day and is inextricably intertwined with her musical output. In 2018 she completed her Masters in Resource and Environmental Management specialising in environmental toxicology, wherein she investigated the effects of human activity on the Salish Sea killer whales (orcas) of Vancouver, in her native British Columbia. It was also the year that she finished recording her debut album as Jayda G: “Significant Changes”.

The title of the album was the most used phrase in her final thesis and exemplifies how intertwined her work in science is with her work in music. “I’m trying to bring my two worlds together... to bridge the communication gap, engage people in a new way”, she explains. “I don’t know if people in the electronic music world will want to talk about the environment but I think I should try! I think it’s our duty to use a platform like this in a positive way, that’s our social responsibility."

Moving from Vancouver to Berlin in 2016 to be closer to a growing abundance of European gigs, she shunned the city’s fabled clubbing scene, shutting herself away to work simultaneously on finishing the thesis and album. Musically she draws inspiration from a childhood spent devouring her parents record collection of Soul, Jazz, R&B, Funk and Blues; the roller discos her sister used to drag her to; and the CDs from artists like TLC and D’Angelo that arrived in the post for her older brother. Unsurprisingly though, references to her research are intertwined throughout the record - from the track titles to the field recordings. The intro and outro become the ‘Abstract’ and ‘Conclusion’, as on a scientific paper.


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Loved the energy on the floor tonight! Thank You everyone.

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