Sly Tech Bar
040 2970 6705
Ground Floor, Western Pearl Building, Kondapur Kothaguda, Andhra Pradesh, India
In Hyderabad’s Kondapur area – in a big beastly glass building - Behind the reception of Sly Tech Private Limited lies a bar. A bar that was once a start up. Tom, Dick and Harry (their identities are obviously changed here to protect their privacy) started off their careers after raising money from a seed capital investor in Bombay. They made an app. An app that helps people geo-locate bars and drinking holes in remote places (hence the grizzly bear holding a beer!). So funding dried up, their idea went bust pretty quickly. We met them at a conference and loved their energy - don’t think people have ever take failure is such a brilliant way – it was almost cathartic!!! Given their love for bars they wanted to keep the entrepreneurial blood flowing and got us hooked onto perhaps the wackiest plan to date – converting their start up into Hyderabad’s first ever secret bar hidden behind the office reception. Our first chapter of Sly Storys came alive and its been a lot of fun getting this done.
 Upcoming Events
Fri Jul 28th
Hip Hop Night with DJ Skip   
@ Sly Tech Bar, 9:00 pm
July 2017
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