The Moonshine Project  
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Plot No: 385, Road No: 82, jubilee hills Hyderabad, India
Moonshine originally means illegally produced spirits. In the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, America faced the first world problem of having to pay off their debts. What's the best way to increase revenue? Impose a Federal tax on alcohol. The original Moonshiners were those fighters of justice who chose the path never traveled. Rather than paying taxes to enjoy the pleasures of life, they lead the march to home-made illicit liquor. Not your average Sangria, or wannabe cocktails. This was serious business with alcohol, major ingredients, and chemical X. 

The Moonshiners succeeded in producing and enjoying their illicit liquor by means of camouflage. We don't mean wearing camouflaged clothes and mixing spirits behind trees. Their usual haunts had the outward appearance of a library, but were filled with life's pleasures underground. 

So we, as a few crazy friends who had the idea to make our own alcohol, and sell it, built The Moonshine Project - A long term project working towards building our own vertically integrated alcohol business. 
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