Aurobindo Market
A space curated to offer traditional classic cocktails complemented by fresh and simple tapas and a range of Mediterranean and world fusion inspired dishes .

It is also essentially a live music venue in the heart of the city located at Aurobindo market, with the sole purpose of bringing musicians together to create an ambiance filled with reminiscence of music of the days past, and some of the best talent on show today. Both curated perfectly to make you wanting for more.

The food on offer ranges from a variety of well known tapas to salads and sandwiches and a blend of your favourite bar fare choices.

Small cocktail tables around the stage area give u a sense of timelessness while you enjoy the music of your favourite local band.

It also has a large outdoor balcony area, where one can enjoy the view of the markets passers by.
And if it's just a drink at your neighbourhood bar that appeals to you then the spacious bar counter is just what you're looking for.

The Ambiance and general decor of the interiors speaks of an era of chic-grunge. A look brought about by the use of classic elements infused with a new age raw and barren look with strong hints of graffiti art.
It gives a sense of sophisticated warmth .

What Bandstand offers is an chic- chilled out space to come enjoy a few classic cocktails, with some great food and even better music.
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