Events Delhi

Tuesday, November 21st

Hip Hop Divas / Tabula Tuesdays with DJs Redshift and Korrelate
  TabulaBeach Cafe, 8:00pm
Cosmopolitan Tuesday with DJs Grenville, Raul and Others
  RSVP, 10:00pm

Wednesday, November 22nd

Budweiser Experience & Boxout Wednesdays with Madstarbase and Thegreybox
  Summer House Cafe, 9:00pm
Ladies Night with DJ Pemah
  Turquoise Cottage (Delhi), 9:00pm
Mixtape presents Last Train (France) and Colt Silvers (France)
  Raasta, 9:00pm
Commercial Top40 with DJs Grenville, Raul and Others
  RSVP, 10:00pm
MKM Wednesdays with Muke, Twinrave, Blue and Emcee Rjay
  Privee', 10:00pm

Thursday, November 23rd

Raasta presents Man Goes Human (Moonglasses EP Launch)
  Raasta, 9:00pm
Redbull Night-Out presents Jeremy Olander (Vivrant)
  antiSOCIAL, 9:00pm
The Junction presents DOSEM (Spain)
  The Junction New Delhi, 9:00pm
C U Next Thursday with Aakash (Dance Performance) and Triangle B2B Aamish
  Kitty Su, 10:00pm
Haymaker Thursdays with DJs Ashim and Ishy
  Playboy Club, 10:00pm
RSJ presents Indian Ocean
  Auro Kitchen & Bar, 10:00pm
Swing And Retro with Crooner's Collective
  The Electric Room, 10:00pm
Turn The Party Up with DJs Grenville, Raul, Hemz and Others
  RSVP, 10:00pm
Urban Expat & Models Night with DJs Ash, Monty and Anirudh
  Privee', 10:00pm

Friday, November 24th

Big Indie Gig with Skrat, Indigo Children and The Lightyears Explode
  The Electric Room, 9:00pm
Friday Night with Hiten Pawar
  The Flying Saucer Cafe, 9:00pm
Redbull Night-Out featuring Youngr (Live)
  Auro Kitchen & Bar, 9:00pm
The Junction presents Blot
  The Junction New Delhi, 9:00pm
Social Friday with Bass Foundry
  Hauz Khas Social, 9:30pm
Afterhours 01 with SHFT. Drum Attic and Vridian Music
  Kitty Su, 10:00pm
Fabulous Fridays with DJs Ashim and Ishy
  Playboy Club, 10:00pm
Friday Electronica with Ankee, Gags and Others
  Privee', 10:00pm
Highday Friday with DJ Kunal
  RSVP, 10:00pm

Saturday, November 25th

(Cancelled) OLA Sunburn Arena featuring Kygo
  Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, 4:00pm
The Wind Horse Experience featuring Terry Francis (UK)
  Auro Kitchen & Bar, 5:00pm
Saturday Night Funk with N*hilate
  Summer House Cafe, 9:00pm
The Junction presents Trippy Sama Live
  The Junction New Delhi, 9:00pm
Bollycom SETurDAY with with DJ Hermmus
  RSVP, 10:00pm