Events Goa

Wednesday, April 26th

Angels & Demons Night with DJs Jay aka Brainwash, Pritesh, Mack Viera and Aloysius
  Cafe Mambo, 6:00pm
Dark Side Of The Moon with DJs Dima Baj, Ivan Smog and Others
  Cafe Lilliput, 7:00pm
Summerjam Live with Elvis Lobo & Friends
  Guru Bar, 8:00pm
UV Bar presents Space Jam with Hina Khan, Twister, Dragonbboys and Others
  UV Bar, 8:00pm
Ladies Night with Mr.E and Nrush
  SinQ Beach Club, 9:00pm

Friday, April 28th

Beach Party with DJs Ragav Vagav, Leon Pereira and Others
  Cafe Lilliput, 6:00pm
Bling Friday with DJs Ajit Pai, Xavier, Mack D and Others
  Club Tito's, 6:00pm
Bollywood Sundowner with DJs Mack Veira, Pritesh, Salvino and Danish
  Cafe Mambo, 6:00pm
Maximum Tour featuring Ma Faiza
  Re:FRESH Club, 6:00pm
Crew presents Season last Set with DJs Vincent Rydell and Sanrise
  Curlies, 7:00pm
Middle Finger 2nd Anniversary with Brainwash, Rinton, Macattack and Others
  Cape Town Cafe, 8:00pm
Wicked Fridays with Miguel Matoz, Nelio and Artem Drive
  Waters Beach Lounge & Grills, 9:00pm

Saturday, April 29th

Chic Saturday - Models Night with Brainwash, Mack Vieira, Xavier and Others
  Club Tito's, 6:00pm
GSM Launch Party Part II with Samaya Gorgona, DJ Redo and Others
  Katzensuppe, 6:00pm
Saturday Showtime with DJs Ajit Pai, Pritesh and Others
  Cafe Mambo, 6:00pm
Crew presents Saturday with Ethan Bass and Lost Theory
  Curlies, 7:00pm
Saturday Night Party with Carlton Braganza & Friends
  Watson's Grub Pub, 9:00pm

Sunday, April 30th

Masquerade Carnival Night with DJs Jay, Brandon & Arun
  Cafe Mambo, 6:00pm