Events Kolkata

Friday, March 24th

Black Lounge presents DJ MorganJ
  BLACK - The Lounge Bar, 6:00pm
Friday Fiesta with DJ Girish
  M Bar Kitchen, 8:00pm
Friday Magic EDM Night with DJs Vikrant, Richard and Javis
  Club Boudoir, 8:00pm
Friday Night with DJs Sami, Nikhil and Others
  The Myx, 8:00pm
In The Club with DJ Iimrran
  Nocturne, 8:00pm
Ladies Nightout with D-Punk, Anil and Others
  Afraa, 8:00pm
Overdose Temple - XV with DJs Vedant, Pixelon Sound, Audiovtaar and Joy
  UG Reincarnated, 8:00pm
The Friday Night Bounce with DJs Leon Mylan, Tabby and Kunal
  Beer Republic, 8:00pm
Friday with Rigmob
  Someplace Else, 8:30pm
Blast From The Past with DJ Ashish
  Roxy, 9:00pm
Glocal 2.0 - Strictly Local with DJ Felix
  Tantra, 9:00pm

Saturday, March 25th

The Dark Night with DJs Syrah, Kabirx, Felix and Amit
  Club Boudoir, 7:00pm
Twilight with DJs Lloyd, Hussain and Hardik
  Tantra, 7:00pm
Enigma Saturdays with DJ Akash Rohira
  UG Reincarnated, 8:00pm
Saturday Night Fever with DJ Iimrran and VJ Philip
  Nocturne, 8:00pm
Saturday Night with DJs Ashish and Rishi
  Roxy, 8:00pm
Saturday Supreme with DJs Tabby, Leon Mylan and Kunal
  Beer Republic, 8:00pm
Saturday with DJ Nikhil
  The Myx, 8:00pm
Social Saturday with DJs D-Punk, Anil, Vijay and Markuz
  Afraa, 8:00pm
Super Saturdays with DJs Jazzleen and Naveen
  M Bar Kitchen, 8:00pm
Saturday with Saturday Night Blues and Rigmob
  Someplace Else, 8:30pm
Kitty Su Pop's Up featuring New_ID (Amsterdam)
  Wilson's The Pub, 11:00pm

Sunday, March 26th

Autonomy presents Pool Sonic featuring DJ Kate Shoo
  Hotel Hindustan International, 3:00pm
G.O.D Music Festival - Second Edition featuring Far Too Loud
  PC Chandra Gardens, 4:00pm
Glam Rock Sundays with Plan B
  Someplace Else, 5:00pm
Live Sundays with Anny & Sudipto
  Beer Republic, 8:00pm
Sunday Nights with DJ Iimrran
  Nocturne, 8:00pm
Sundays with DJs Ashish and Rishi
  Roxy, 8:00pm

Wednesday, March 29th

1+1 Wednesdays with DJs Ashish and Rishi
  Roxy, 8:00pm
Girls Night Out with DJs Hussain and Hardik
  Tantra, 8:00pm