Events Mumbai

Friday, March 24th

AFE & Regenerate present Framed - Casino Edition featuring Okain and Thabo Getsome
  Ark, 9:00am
Razzberry Rhinoceros presents NKHL, Hans Seance and Twistedbass
  Razzberry Rhinoceros, 8:00pm
Snap Night with DJ Mandur
  Club Anarchy, 8:00pm
Gently Altered presents The Daily Buggle with Funk Assassin
  The Daily, 9:00pm
House Factory with DJ Kumar Swamy
  Playboy Club, 9:00pm
Kitty Su presents DJ Tristan (Nano Records, London)
  Kitty Su, 9:00pm
Krunk & Knowmad present Kumail (EP Launch)
  antiSOCIAL, 9:00pm
Ladies & Models Night with DJ Pritam J
  Escobar - Tapas Bar, 9:00pm
Somos Tus Anigos with Malkfnktion, Saral B2B Himay and Pinnacle
  Summer House Cafe, 9:00pm
The Stew with Ox7gen and Chhabb
  Bonobo, 9:00pm
Social presents The Grind with DJ Ishani
  Todi Mills Social, 9:30pm
The Junkyard Cafe presents DJ Garth Adam
  Junkyard Cafe, 9:30pm
A Bar Called Life presents Nina & Malika and Daniella Da Silva
  A Bar Called Life, 10:00pm
Friday Night with Mad 9
  Exo, 10:00pm
Sirkus Boom Fridays with DJ Gavin
  Club Sirkus, 10:00pm
Studio 54 Nights Live featuring Best Kept Secret
  Shiro, 10:00pm
The Final Friday with Ali Merchant, Omen and Others
  Trilogy, 10:00pm

Saturday, March 25th

Baleno Wicked Weekends featuring Nanok
  Glocal Junction (Worli), 9:00pm
Bollywood Mansion with DJ Vee
  Club Anarchy, 9:00pm
Rage Entertainment presents DJs Kumar Swamy, TBOM and Kaushal
  Playboy Club, 9:00pm
Saturday Night with DJ Notorious
  Ark, 9:00pm
Slick Turns 6 featuring Ame (Innervisions)
  Kitty Su, 9:00pm
What's Brewing In Bandra featuring B.R.E.E.D
  Bonobo, 9:00pm
Wild City & Krunk presents Various Artists featuring Addison Groove Addict
  Summer House Cafe, 9:00pm
Saturday Decoded with DJ Avinash
  Junkyard Cafe, 9:30pm
Grime Riot Disco with Zokhuma, Mistress and Dreamstates
  antiSOCIAL, 10:00pm
Sirkus Censored Saturday with DJ Hitesh
  Club Sirkus, 10:00pm
Trilogy Saturdays with DJs Swap & Dash
  Trilogy, 10:00pm

Sunday, March 26th

Fomo Fest with Monika Dogra, Bombay Black and Others
  Razzberry Rhinoceros, 2:00pm
Cease & Sekkle - Sunset Sessions with Kaleekarma and Robby Banner
  Raasta, 4:30pm