Events Mumbai

Saturday, July 22nd

Commercial Night with DJ Stetson & Tarang Singhal
  Escobar - Tapas Bar, 9:00pm
Masala_Bar presents DJ Nick
  Masala_Bar, 9:00pm
Sensational Saturday with DJ Kumar Swamy
  Playboy Club, 9:00pm
The Dive with Niki, Mark IV and Reagan
  BKC DIVE, 9:00pm
Mixtape presents Soul City with Abhi Meer B2B Stalvart John
  Bonobo, 9:30pm
Social presents The Usual Suspects with Bullzeye, Chhabb and Vishal Maya Shetty
  antiSOCIAL, 9:30pm
Censored Saturday with DJ Akbar Sami
  Club Sirkus, 10:00pm
Commercial Music Night with DJ Amit
  A Bar Called Life, 10:00pm
Deep In Dance with Qwiver, Cyrus and Others
  Razzberry Rhinoceros, 10:00pm
Kitty Su presents Troyboi
  Kitty Su, 10:00pm
Saturday Insanity with DJs Gavin and Willy
  Drop, 10:00pm
Saturday Night with DJ Harsh Bhutani
  Ark, 10:00pm
Summer House Cafe presents Blot! and Kohra
  Summer House Cafe, 10:00pm
The Hive presents Enkore & Friends
  Brewbot, 10:00pm

Sunday, July 23rd

Bolly Con presents Alt Bollywood Flea - 1st Indoor Edition
  A Bar Called Life, 11:00am
Boxout Social with D2, Sanyas-l and Others
  Khar Social, 4:00pm
Cease & Sekkle with Pinnacle and Softouch
  Raasta, 5:00pm
Live Stand-Up Comedy with Nitin Mirani
  Tap, 7:30pm
Roots with Shepherd, Death By Fungi, Killchain and Demonocracy
  antiSOCIAL, 8:00pm
Bollywood Music Projekt 12 with Malcom
  Drop, 10:00pm

Wednesday, July 26th

Wasted Wednesdays with DJ Cyrus and Anish (Percussionist)
  True Tramm Trunk, 6:30pm
Chalta Hai Comedy presents Daniel Fernandes
  Razzberry Rhinoceros, 8:30pm
Escobar presents The Retro Night
  Escobar - Tapas Bar, 9:00pm
The Bombay Jazz Club - The Soul Session with Samantha Edwards, D.Wood and Others
  Bonobo, 9:00pm
Socialive with The F16s and Vernon Noronho
  antiSOCIAL, 9:30pm
Booty Call with Cas, The Boy Shiv, Sumit Shenoy and Garth Adam
  Kitty Su, 10:00pm

Thursday, July 27th

Maed In India with Blackstratblues
  antiSOCIAL, 8:00pm
Spirit Of Shillong Tour featuring Soulmate
  Summer House Cafe, 8:00pm
Hip Hop Thursday with DJs Ishani and Bobkat
  Junkyard Cafe, 8:30pm
Kitty Su presents Garth Adam and Mystical Sounds
  Kitty Su, 10:00pm