Events Hyderabad

Thursday, October 19th

Bolly Breeze By Lake Side with DJ Tej
  Pier 33, 7:00pm
Hip Hop Ryde with Gaurav and Boh!B
  HyLife Brewing Company, 7:00pm
Ladies Night Out with DJ Phalgun
  Heart Cup Coffee, 8:00pm
Ladies Night with DJ Deep
  Komatose, 8:00pm
Salsa Night with DJ Shashank
  Over The Moon, 8:00pm
Bollywood Thursday with The Paradox Wall
  Aqua, 9:00pm

Friday, October 20th

Electrik Fridays with Bigenesis, Dysfunkshun and Tej
  Pier 33, 7:00pm
Friday Night Lights with Chashni
  Komatose, 8:00pm
Fridays Desi Style with DJ Vasu
  Rendezvous, 8:00pm
Glam Night with DJ Albert
  Liquids Et Cetera, 8:00pm
Hip Hop Factory with Siddie Boy
  Rendezvous Mindspace, 8:00pm
Hylife Brewing Company presents Monica Dogra
  HyLife Brewing Company, 8:00pm
Kismet Konnection with DJs Piyush Bajaj and NVN
  Kismet, 8:00pm
Limited Edition with NoLatency (Live Set)
  Heart Cup Coffee, 8:00pm
Live On Friday with Shawn and Anup
  Tabula Rasa - The Bar, 8:00pm
Friday Band Nights with The Black Sheep
  Aqua, 8:30pm

Saturday, October 21st

Bass Sanskriti presents Vitamin-T (UK), DAkta Dub and Smokey
  Fubar Live, 6:00pm
Infinite Cartwheels featuring Sky Harbour
  The Moonshine Project, 6:00pm
Saturday Night Live with DJ Shashank
  Over The Moon, 7:00pm
Sorted Saturday with Thermal Projekt
  Pier 33, 7:00pm
Tabula Rasa presents Murthovic
  Tabula Rasa - The Bar, 7:00pm
Bollyboom Club Nights with Shireen and Aida Khan
  HyLife Brewing Company, 8:00pm
Grill & Chill with Shawn Trio
  Komatose, 8:00pm
Weekend Music Store with Shameless Mani
  Liquids Et Cetera, 8:00pm
Saturday with Baabaa and The Boys
  Aqua, 9:00pm

Sunday, October 22nd

Sunday Sundowner Sessions with DJ Shashank
  Over The Moon, 5:00pm
Sunday Sunset Underground with Ajay Ghalke, Hypnos and Others
  Pier 33, 5:00pm
The Other Guy presents Matlab Kuch Bhi with Anil, Bhuvanesh and Others
  The Moonshine Project, 7:00pm
Bolly Exotic with DJ Albert
  Liquids Et Cetera, 8:00pm
Desi Hustle with Mad-E, Power Punk and Ganni
  Block 22, 8:00pm