Events Bangalore

Wednesday, September 20th

Skirt Nyt with DJs Shane Viegas and Maulik
  CloudNYN, 7:00pm
Bollyfix with DJ TT
  Sanctum Club, 8:00pm
Chocobombs Ladies Night with DJ Rohit
  Cirrus, 8:00pm
Girls Night Out with DJ Njay
  The Sugar Factory, 8:00pm
Hip Hop Wednesdays with DJ Prithvi
  Kitty Ko, 8:00pm
Indigo XP presents Karaoke Ladies Night with Sheridan Brass & Stephanie Fernandes
  Indigo XP, 8:00pm
Ladies & Karaoke Night with KJ Martin D'Souza
  Love Shack, 8:00pm
Ladies Night with DJs Collin and Deepak
  The Warehouse, 8:00pm
Mr. Bollywood - Ladies Night with DJ Hussain
  No Limmits, 8:00pm
Skyye Goes Underground with DJ Deepak
  Skyye, 8:00pm
Wednesday Ladies Night with Fernandes Fusion
  Gilly's Resto - Bar, 8:00pm
Classic Rock Night with DJ Minus Plus
  Bottle & Glass, 8:30pm
Granny's Ballroom with DJ Clement
  Sly Granny, 9:00pm

Thursday, September 21st

Borderless with DJs Shane, Maulik and Ashtrix
  CloudNYN, 7:00pm
Thursday Retro Night with DJ Cxris
  Love Shack, 7:00pm
Dal Makhani Night with DJ Collin
  The Warehouse, 8:00pm
House Party with DJs Lijohn, Zabiq and Shyna
  No Limmits, 8:00pm
Thursday Karaoke Night with KJ Santosh
  Gilly's Resto - Bar, 8:00pm
Toxic Thursday - Ladies Night with DJ Sai
  i-Bar, 8:00pm
Granny Jazz Club with Gerard Machado Duo & Mana Dhanraj
  Sly Granny, 8:30pm
Stupiditties - Post Launch Gig with Diarchy, Stoned Seahorse and Dionysian
  blueFROG, 8:30pm
Krunk presents FKJ (Live)
  The Humming Tree, 9:00pm

Friday, September 22nd

House Rulez with DJs Akshay and Vabby
  CloudNYN, 7:00pm
Have A Blast Fridays with DJ Silvr
  HIGH Ultra Lounge, 7:30pm
Bollywood Night with DJs Hemanth, Sai and Dr. A
  i-Bar, 8:00pm
Club Mirchi Bollywood Nights with DJs Mohasin and Njay
  The Sugar Factory, 8:00pm
Epic Friday with D-Men, Just Jules and Others
  The Warehouse, 8:00pm
Friday Bollywood Blockbuster with DJ Sulectro
  Love Shack, 8:00pm
Friday Night with DJ Rahul
  LOFT 38, 8:00pm
Friday with DJ Nayan
  Skyye, 8:00pm