Vh1 Supersonic Pre-party with Ioish, Zenguin and Zokova 
DelhiHauz Khas Social
Sunday, January 14 th, 9:00 pm till 1:00 am
Free entry.
Club rules apply.
For more details contact 78386 52814.


IOISH (pronounced eye-o-ish), the brainchild of Delhi based guitarist and producer Vaibhav Bhutani, has been doing rounds on the internet (soundcloud, reverbnation, youtube, bandcamp, etc.) since early 2012.
What started as a home studio project went live after enlisting
Abhinav Chaudhary on bass and Anshul Lall on drums. Each of the band members are parts of acclaimed bands in the independant music scene and got together to play ambient/post-rock music.

Ioish’s sound can be described by layers of atmospheric textures
and soulful guitars doused with grooves and riffs that are bordering on progressive rock. The music is moody, contemplative, introspective and immersive.

The name is a bit self explanatory itself. If you’re into feeling like a penguin swimming through an ocean of zen-worthy lush soundscapes, Zenguin is probably for you.

A duo based out of capital city, Zenguin serves as yet another testament to the quality of the booming instrumental scene in the country with their take of electronic ambience infused with live elements which, while not being a novel concept in itself, comes as a breath of fresh air by virtue of their impeccable execution.

The act has wasted no time in making their mark on the scene, with two EPs out in quick succession over the past year, the latest of which, Toska, was released not long after the start of 2017.


Zokova is a post rock project and has a series of interlinked songs, which are primarily instrumental. The songs highlight and reflect on the various emotions which we face every day but neglect.

Zokova was conceptualised by Ritwik De in 2008, but was finally made whole after drummer Suyash Gabriel and bassist Amar Pandey joined the line up.
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