Friday Night with Cosmos 
DelhiPlayboy Club
Friday, December 08 th, 10:00 pm till 1:00 am
For more details contact 7999997791.


Cosmos signifies nothing but the opposite of chaos & that’s what Nishit Singh & Johnnie Ernest try to represent i.e an orderly system of energy. Coming from a humble background, the curiosity to learn the physics behind a track started off young amongst both. The love for nightlife grew strong and both started their careers as a DJ/Producer trying to achieve their respective dreams.

Cosmos was born a few years down the line after both of them met at a club and clicked instantly. But more than that, they became friends rather than “partners” in a collaborative effort. Both feel music extends beyond specific genres, and that as producers, exploration is progression. That very exploration involves experimenting with different sounds and combining various different genres to produce something magnificent.
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