Dream N Dance presents Brief History Of Goa - Pool Side featuring Mr. Pink aka Jovis, Shivax (Live Guitar) and Others 
Saturday, December 09 th, 2:00 pm till 12:00 am
Also with Ace O Beats, Night Vision Project and Artwist.

For more details contact 040 2340 0132.


Shivax seeks to combine the best of his various musical influences to bring the world a different psychedelic trance style.

Israel based Yanai Jascourt has been a music fanatic from a young age and his passion for music brought him to discover trance and electronic music at the age of 18. At this point, he started producing his own tracks and left his heavy metal band.

Shivax started in 2011, originally influenced by old school trance, his first albums featured a more Goa trance sound combined with different genres he was intrigued by.

In 2015 the project expanded worldwide after returning from India where he played a number of sets while traveling. He started performing live with his guitar, getting greater recognition in Israel and playing at some awesome parties and festivals around the globe, in countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, France, and Mexico.

The "rebirth" of Shivax started in 2017 where he took his line of music in another direction and started producing a fusion of psytrance genres focusing on sound quality and production value shaping his sound to express his ideas.

Jovis aka Mr Pink is a mind blowing experience to behold. Ok, maybe that is a bit much but my performances need to be seen to be believed. When I play music I'm basically Mr Pink without the pink and when I'm Mr Pink at some point I will start to Beat Box and sing! They are intimately connected. I have been advised by some that it is best to keep these two aspects of myself separate. Although I never paint myself when I play my Psy Trance or Downtempo sets I have on occasion played didge as a guest while painted. I embrace both parts of me and to keep them separate started to make me feel a bit like I had multiple personalities. In the end, they are both me so this page will contain all of what I do. 
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