Electrology Saturdays featuring Nanok 
Saturday, November 18 th, 9:00 pm till 11:30 pm
Also with Aleven.

For more details contact 90491 59911.


Jai Vaswani, otherwise known as Nanok, is a versatile producer/DJ from Mumbai, who has been a veteran of the club circuit in the city for over 12 years. Having played music over the years to all kinds of audiences, Jai knows how to exploit opportunities and showcase the best of himself in unique ways. Seamlessly shuffling between genres in the same set has helped him showcase his versatility on the decks.

Since the release of Death By Shoelaces, Nanok has been receiving a great deal of attention from the Indian press as well as from the Guardian UK. His record has been hailed as uplifting and easy-to-listen-to, among other things.
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