Mixtaped! 124 with Asad (Freeatmah / Foor Stompin' Records) 
MumbaiThe Den
Wednesday, November 15 th, 10:00 pm till 1:00 am
For more details contact 022 2648 3136.


DJ Asad was voted India’s number one DJ and number one Trance DJ in 2010/2011. He is the pioneering musician in the PSY and EDM scene in India; it is he who paved the way for the inception of a whole new industry with his persistence and passion. Famously known as DJ Asad a.k.a Freeaatmah, he has been instrumental in promoting experiential music-themed events and DJ culture in India since 1986. He is one of the KEY people who has helped to make the profession of 'Disc Jockey’ become widely accepted and highly respected.

Through decades DJ Asad has been the first to do many a spirited event; to name a few, he Conceptualized, Produced and till date executes the world's first and only 'Dance Ganesh' a street parade of its kind since 1999. Today, nearly every Ganesh Pandal in the country uses his design for their processions and thus resulting in creative opportunities for hundreds of local DJs/Musicians and sound rental companies.
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