(Cancelled) Soupherb Records presents Hc Kurtz (Sensum Recordings, Berlin) 
ChennaiLeather Bar
Saturday, October 14 th, 8:00 pm till 1:00 am
For more details contact  044 4267 6000.


Hc Kurtz produces techno and electronic music, utilising space, depth and structure to create stripped back arrangements that explore core creative ideas. 

Originally from Scotland, Hc Kurtz received an early education in acoustic percussion before moving artistically towards using analogue and digital tools, which in turn, led him to his new home in Berlin. 

Inspired by the emotive and narrative nature of cinematic soundscapes, Hc Kurtz strives to evoke this in both his production and dj sets, resulting in a unique, progressive sound and a bespoke dance floor dynamic.
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