Budweiser Friday The 13th featuring One&One 
PuneHUB Pune
Friday, October 13 th, 9:00 pm till 1:00 am
Also with Aflux.

For more details contact 86003 20618.


Most people say music is their passion, the fire that drives them to feel differently, but for DJ/Producer duo One&One it's probably just a way of life; something that fits in and will continue to stay.The immense ardour for dance music brought together the animated and uninhibited Pranav and the quiet and reserved Shrey a long way. From playing at Mumbai's smallest club, to closing Asia's largest music festival Sunburn, it has been a sensational journey for this DJ duo based in Mumbai.

Having played regularly across numerous cities across India, and boasting of a regular appearance at some of India's most renowned festivals, Pranav & Shrey believe that it's just the beginning. Upcoming originals, collaborations and other work promises a blooming national appearance & a possible international venture in the coming months

This is what One&One has to say, "This is just the beginning. Over the coming years, we aim to conquer larger stages, play to packed clubs, and help revolutionize the dance music scene in India, in anyway possible. We are really thankful to everyone out there who supports, loves & appreciates our music."
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