Felony Fridays with Oceantied, Zokhuma and Dakta Dub 
HyderabadThe Moonshine Project
Friday, October 13 th, 6:00 pm till 12:00 am
Entry charge Rs. 200/-
For more details contact 80998 90000.


The past year has been abuzz with news from Oceantied, who has been steadily making a mark for himself both internationally as well as in India. From performing at the first Boiler Room session in India to playing at two of the biggest European festivals, Outlook and Dimensions festivals, the solo electronic project started by Ketan Bahirat, Oceantied is a deep-dive into the artist’s sprawling soundscape.

At the bleeding edge of his own future, Zokhuma (Arman Menzies) represents the end of old things, the beginning of new ones, and a forged alliance with those making alternative electronic music in previously uncharted territories. Unafraid to criss-cross between soundscapes you’ve never heard—think frantic, chopped-up African beats or moodier, experimental electronica—and soundscapes that are all too familiar, his sensibilities have a way of putting any audience at ease. As does his infectious energy behind the console.

Pioneer of Monkey Radio India and founder of Bass Sanskriti, Dakta Dub is here to play a unique set apart from his regular reggae escapades.
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