Raasta Delhi presents Bemet (Israel)) 
Thursday, August 17 th, 9:00 pm till 1:00 am
For more details contact 011 4942 4501.
Club rules apply.


BEMET is the alter ego of the Israeli phenomenon electronic artist - Hod Moshonov. 

BEMET was discovered to the Indian audience last year after a remake he made for “Mumbai Dance” by the huge Indian artist – Nucleya that became a net sensation. He revealed a collaboration with MC Tommy (A Brazilian - Israeli unique singer, DJ & outstanding performer who leads to BEMET's new live set.

BEMET has been steadily building momentum over the last two years working with the giant dubstep artist - Borgore, supporting for the enormous Major Lazer act in Israel. 

BEMET performed at coveted festivals and stages around Europe, the U.S.A and Asia such as – SXSW, Paléo, Pohoda and the Drum & Bass Festival in Dresden. The live show is an explosion of light and sound that has drawn comparisons with the energy of The Prodigy and the intensity of Die Antwoord.

BEMET is larger than life playing his custom made keytar, an instrument he is single handedly returning from its 80’s purgatory.
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