Red Bull Music Academy featuring Soichi Terada and Weird Together (Japan) 
BangaloreThe Humming Tree
Wednesday, August 16 th, 4:00 pm till 11:30 pm
For more details contact 98866 18386.


Soichi Terada is largely recognised for his iconic contribution to Japanese video game music. A recent showcase of his work by Hunee - "Sounds From The Far East" - on Antal’s Dutch imprint Rush Hour label, though, has turned a western audience on to his pleasingly naive yet emotionally resonant sound, and as such he is now heading over with a full live show.

Over the course of a long career that dates back to the ‘80s, Terada has been responsible for the soundtracks of computer games like Ape Escape, as well as for countless great releases on his Far East Recordings label alongside good friend Shinichiro Yokota.

With a sound that bares the subtle hallmarks of '80s and '90s New York, Terada has continually cooked up his own melodically rich slant on house, and for that reason he has always stood out. Ranging in style from personable and fun to more moody and soulful, he has a broad sound palette that is full of humour and real character. 

Weird Together represents a seamless blend of organic music discovery and collaboration. New Zealand radio host/DJ/music connoisseur Nick Dwyer, in tandem with legendary Auckland-based UK producer/DJ Dick "Magik" Johnson are at the helm curating the group's eclectic sound. Expect jazz records from Ethiopia, contemporary club sounds from Ghana’s streets of Accra, plus dance music from the Caribbean and South America. Nick Dwyer will represent the duo on this tour. 
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