Blast After Blast featuring Madylite (Switzerland), Nelio 1Eyed and Others 
GoaClub Nyex
Tuesday, August 15 th, 5:00 pm till August 17th
After party of Freedom & Monsoon blast to celebrate at Club Nyex this 

Tickets available online.
For more details contact 95455 50571.

Line up :
Madylite (STM Records Switzerland) - live set 
Yumi mononke (France Squarelab Rec ) - live set 
NeLiO 1EyED (Hilltop Records Goa/Fra - DJ set 
Shamikh (Visionary Shamanics Records Jordan)
Eshaxxx (Hypervision Records ) - DJ set
Grey Aatma (Shradda Devi Rec) -DJ set
Cosmic Oneness (Visionary Shamanics Records) - DJ set
Psychosis (vantara vichitra rec) - DJ set
Orion Project (Woo-Dog Recordings) - DJ set
Audiopsysam (kingdom records )- DJ set 
Boompsy (universal dance record ) - DJ set 
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